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1.Measure and make sure there is enough space for the bounce house.

2.Areas above the bounce house should be cleared of trees, power lines, and other hanging objects.

3.Check whether your outside plug is working or an inside plug where we can run a cord through a window or under a door. We need one electric outlet on separate breakers within 100 feet.

4.Ensure the yard is clean and is free of wildlife and debris. We reserve the right to cancel if the setup area does not meet these requirements.

5. Wind Check - We will use an anemometer to check wind speed. The bounce house will be securely anchored to the floor with sandbags and hooks. 

Bounce Safety

Age-appropriate Bouncing: Children bounce together based on age group. 

2-3 years 

4-6 years 

7-10 years 


1. Max occupancy of 5 bouncers at a time. 

2. There must be a responsible adult present and monitoring while kids are bouncing. 

3. No flips in the bounce house 

4. No adults are allowed in the bounce house. 

5. No food, drinks, toys, and shoes are allowed in the bounce house.

6. There will be a $50 cleaning charge if the bounce house is excessively dirty. 

Wrapping Up

1. Ensure nothing is left inside the bounce house.
2. Ensure bounce is in the same condition as you received it.
3. Make sure there are no kids inside the bounce house when deflating.


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